Alario Claudio

Region: Piemonte
Winemaker: Claudio Alario
Terra/Soil: Tufa – Calcite Rock
Hectares Under Vine: 10
Viticulture Method: Conventional
Annual Production: 45,000 bottles

As the saying goes, “You can tell a man by his handshake.” That held true with Claudio who was selected to be one of the first vineyards we imported simply by shaking his hand. It was his hand that was beautifully calloused and stained by the Nebbiolo grapes that convinced us he was a real producer. Claudio diligently works in his fields and in his winery with those special hands — he toils his land, harvests his vines, operates his winery and even labels his bottles.

The vineyard sits in the heart of the renowned Langhe area of Piemonte. Steeped in history and character, the property has been an active vineyard since 1900. Representing the fourth generation of winemakers, Claudio dedicates his energy and spirit to expert cultivation and vinification. However, it is the story of an old friend of his father’s who willed a small plot of land to Claudio that defines the heart of this incredible vineyard. Claudio still tears up when he tells this amazing story. However, you must hear it from him. Ever thankful for this spectacular gift, Claudio is a weekly visitor to the man’s grave each week where he leaves flowers and says a simple prayer of thanks. Although we were sold by his handshake, it’s Claudio’s heart and soul that have our complete admiration.

What Alario Claudio makes: