Region: Toscana
Winemaker: Claudia Pantani
Terra/Soil: Clay and sea shells
Hectares Under Vine: 6
Viticulture Method: Organic
Annual Production: 20,000 bottles

So if love at first sight exists, certainly love at first taste does as well. We are confident because the first time we tasted the Vin Santo from Castelvecchio, our taste buds sang. Owned and operated by Stefano and his wife, Laura, this special vineyard in Terricciola, close to Pisa, defines amore. Love and the land has been passed down to each generation and, if possible, each generation has loved their terra more. The vineyard was created entirely by family know how and every member is ngaged in the enterprise of this dream.

The vineyard totals six hectares and al though the vines extend continuously across the property, there is diversity in altitude, exposition, soil composition and microclimate. Because of this each varietal and portion of the vineyard is handled separately. Great knowledge of each varietal and permitting the vineyard to evolve naturally has allowed this family’s dreams to become an unbelievable reality. It is their true labor of love that has made Castelvecchio what it is today. Now that is amore.

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What Castelvecchio makes: