Sandro de Bruno

Region: Veneto
Winemaker: Sandro Tasoniero
Terra/Soil: Volcanic stone and ash
Hectares Under Vine: 12
Viticulture Method: Conventional with organic methods
Annual Production: 80,000 bottles

Sandro de Bruno’s wines demonstrate the pursuit of balance between innovation and terroir.

The vineyard is set “above the clouds” on Monte Calvarina, a dead volcano that overlooks a spectacular vista. The view of the Po Valley is breathtaking, and on clear days you can see the Emilian Apennines on the southern horizon. This unique location on volcanic soil gives Sandro’s wines complexity and mineral richness. This sense of place is enhanced by the meticulous attention to detail that Sandro gives to each grape. This study of details reflects Sandro’s philosophy of respecting nature and its gifts and produces authentic, distinctive wines.

While planting his original wines on his spectacular property, a one-million-year-old spearhead was discovered. This ancient artifact can now be viewed in the local church museum. To remember this unbelievable find, Sandro uses it as the symbol of the vineyard.

What Sandro de Bruno makes: